Add a Choice

The choice activity allows instructors to ask a question with multiple responses. Students then pick one of the choices. 

Some ways to use choice: survey a class; have students sign up for an activity or vote for a reading, activity, or class direction; poll students to find out if they understand something covered in class or stimulate thinking about a topic; ask students to choose an answer as a starting point for discussions.

What the student sees

  • In a Choice activity, the student is presented with a series of radio buttons associated with different selections. They click one to make their selection.
  • Depending on the instructor's settings, the student will see the results either anonymously or with names (via the "View xxx responses" link) or not see anything.

What the instructor sees

  • Regardless of how it's been set for students, a instructor will always see user names and choices, via the "View xxx responses" link.
  • The instructor is also able to delete selected choices or download them in various formats (Excel, text, or OpenDocument Spreadsheets).

Selecting groups

Do not use the choice activity for students to choose groups; there is another activity for that: Choicegroup

Steps to Setup:

  1. Turn editing on. Click Add an activity or resource, select Choice, and click Add.
  2. In the Choice Name field, enter a title for the activity.
  3. In the Description field, enter the question that you want your students to answer. (You will specify the responses later.)
  4. To display the question on the course page, check Display description on course page.
  5. Click on Options heading to define student response options.
  6. Click the Allow choice to be updated drop-down menu to configure whether students can change their choice after they have picked a response and saved it.
  7. Click the Limit the number of responses allowed drop-down menu if you want to limit the number of students who can pick a particular choice (use this to set up a "sign up sheet" for activities such as group projects or lab sessions.
  8. Enter the text for each possible response option in the corresponding fields: Option 1, Option 2, etc. If you enabled Limit (above) specify how many users may choose each response option in the Limit field below each option.
  9. If you need more than the five option slots provided, click on Add 3 field(s) to form button.

To configure choice question settings (optional)

  • If you want access to be restricted, click on the Availability heading and Restrict answering to this time period.
  • To control how results are displayed, click on Results and configure accordingly.