Add HotPot Quizzes and Games

HotPot is similar to the quiz activity in CourseSpaces, but allows for a wider variety of interactive e-learning exercises, such as quizzes, clozes, crosswords, and jumbled sentences. HotPot is used extensively in language learning and teaching, as it provides students with repetitive exercises to practice language skills, but it can be useful in many types of courses, particularly when students need to practice knowledge to the point of automaticity.

As with all CourseSpaces activities, the instructor controls the grading, timing, whether repeats are allowed, and other settings unique to this activity, such as whether to include an entry page and exit page. The e-learning exercise itself is created on the instructor's computer using authoring software and then uploaded to CourseSpaces. 

The following types of software can be used, and all of them offer free downloads with help guides and tutorials; therefore no user documentation is provided here:

  • Hot Potatoes (version 6)
  • Qedoc
  • Xerte
  • iSpring

Additionally, you can use any HTML editor to create your e-learning activity.

How to create and install HotPot e-learning activity

  • Launch Hot Potatoes software (or similar).
  • Select the activity you would like to create.
  • Follow the included documentation/instructions to create the desired activity.
  • Save to your computer.
  • Log into CourseSpaces.
  • Select the desired course.
  • Click the Turn editing on button.
  • Click the Add an activity or resource button.
  • Select the radio button beside HotPot activity.
  • Click Add.
  • Drag and drop your e-learning activity into box for source file or browse to attach the correct file.
  • You can simply use the defaults, or explore different options and settings.
  • Options and Settings:
  1. You can include an Entry page and/or an Exit page and add entry/exit page text in the text box.
  2. You can supply Review options for the student to review during and after attempts or after HotPot closes.
  3. In Extra restrictions on attempts, you can set the number of allowed attempts or allow unlimited attempts.
  • Once you have selected all of the appropriate settings, click Save and return to courseor Save and display.

Example of a HotPot activity

The software can be used to create sophisticated or simple exercises. Following is an example of a simple matching exercise created in Hot Potatoes using Jmatch and uploaded to a CourseSpaces course in a HotPot activity. This is what your student would see:

1) Here is the activity, ready for the student to begin:

hotpot matching exercise

2. Next, the student drags and drops items from column 2 to match order in column 1.

hotpot matching exercise drag and drop

3. The student completes, clicks "Check," and sees  he has many errors.

hotpot matching exercise with errors

4. The student drags his errors back to column 2 to re-do. When he completes the matching exercise correctly, he'll get a success message. 

hot pot matching exercise drag errors back to column 2