Add a Wiki

A Wiki can function as an individual as well as collaborative group space. This collaborative process allows course members to participate in the writing process.  All activities are logged, and the online document can be one page or consist of several pages.

Many instructors provide a 'skeleton' of pages from which you build your content. They should provide you with a specific set of instructions on what they are expecting, and how to use their Wiki. The following provides information on creating the initial page (if there is not one already), and also other help documentation.

What is a wiki and why are we using one?

"A wiki is a web-based system that lets you work together to create and edit a set of linked pages. It’s a quick, easy way of creating a mini-website. The system also keeps is a record of who has made changes and created content and a history allowing you to ‘roll back’ to an earlier version. These features make it a useful tool for group working and creating a shared resource."


    • Relies on HTML editor; does not use wiki markup except for links
    • Includes integrated comments on pages or headings and single words
    • usage reports and statistics
    • easy navigation, from current page to "pages linking to this page"
    • hierarchal page index
    • extended page history management tool (per page and activity wide)
    • ability to add new paragraphs and new pages, easily, at the end of each page (which allow parallel usage of the page by users, to some degree)
      • Except for wiki markup (as above), attachments, and a few admin features

Create a Start Page

Click on the title of the Wiki from the course home page. The Wiki summary page will appear and you will be prompted to create the Wiki's first page.

    1. Click the Create page button. You will see the activity description and an HTML editor under the Edit tab as shown below.
    2. Enter your content into the HTML editor text area.
    3. Click the Preview button to preview the page as it will appear on Moodle.
    4. Click the Save changes button to have the changes added to the page. 

Edit a Wiki Page

Click on the title of the Wiki from the course home page.

    1. Select the View tab to preview your wiki to determine the changes necessary. If the WIki contains links to several pages, click the desired page link to view the content of that page.
    2. Select Edit to start editing the Wiki page and proceed to use the built-in editor to make any formatting changes required.
    3. Select the preview button if you wish to preview your changes.
    4. Finally, select the Save Changes button.

Special Note: Only one person should work on editing a Wiki page at a time.

Add Additional Pages

Your wiki can consist of one page or several pages. The first wiki page is considered the main page and all subsequent pages must be linked from this main page. This is very similar to a website, where the main page which is usually called Home contain links to all of the sections.

    1. Select the title of the Wiki from the course home page.
    2. Click the Edit tab to start editing the current page.
    3. Type the title of the new page within double brackets [[ ]]
    4. Click the Save button to apply your changes.  You will be redirected to theView tab which displays the page with your recent changes.
    5. Now click the 'hyper-link' of the title you've inserted in the previous step. You will be prompted to a create content for the page.
    6. Save your changes.

Adding comments (if enabled)

If enabled by the instructor, you may also see a Comments tab in the Wiki. The Comments tab allows you to add and view comments made to a specific wiki page. Comments can improve the group workflow because it makes editing the wiki document easier to manage as change is documented. Comments are visible to everyone with access to the Wiki.

    1. Click on the Comments tab.
    2. Click the Add comment link.
  1. Type your comments, and then select the Save changes button.