Add a Folder of Files

When you need to make several files (of any type) available to students in your course, a folder is often more effective than using several individual file links. Students can access the folder in a single click and download files from it.

FolderAdd a Folder Resource

  1. Click Turn editing on at the top right of the course home page.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the course section where you want the folder to be listed.
  3. Select Folder in the pop-up under Resources, and then click Add. The settings page appears.
  4. Enter the title of the folder in the Name field. This name will appear as a link to access the Folder on the course main page.
  5. Enter a brief optional description about the file in the Description edit box.

Add Files to the Folder

6. To add files to the folder, you can drag multiple files from your local computer and drop them in the Content designated area, a dashed rectangle.

ContentDepending on the file size and your internet connect speed, files may take a few moments to upload.

7. Once you have uploaded the files, Click Save and display to view the folder.

Note: You can always edit this resource and add more files if you wish.