Add a Page

A Page in CourseSpaces is an easy-to-build webpage, an ideal format to use when you have a mix of media types (e.g., text, links, images, and embedded media such as YouTube videos) that you would like to display in CourseSpaces rather than including each as a separate document.

An advantage of the Page resource is that it is accessible from any browser, including those on mobile devices, and does not require users to download any files.

Creating a Page does not require any knowledge of HTML or programming. The process to create a page is very similar to creating a document using a word processing software.  Several common editing and formatting options are available.

  1. Click the Turn editing on button at the top right of the course home page.
  2. Click the Add an activity or resource link in the course section where you want the page to be listed.
  3. Select Page from the pop-up from within the Resources section.
  • Click Add. The Adding a new Page page appears.
  • Enter page title in the Name field, which will appear as a link on the course main page. Students can access the page from this link.
  • Enter content of the web page in the Page content text editor. Here, using the editor, you can type and format your information, add images, embed video from outside sources and many other options. To access additional formatting icons, click on the far left icon in the toolbar (when you hover over this icon it says Toolbar Toggle). This displays an additional two rows of formatting icons.
  • Save at the bottom of this page.

Review your work, and edit further if it is required (click on the Edit drop-down beside the page link, and choose Edit settings).