Add and edit sections

Add Sections

The number of sections in a course can be modified two ways.  In the Administration block under the Course administration heading, select Edit settings.  Under the Course format heading select the desired total Number of sections using the pull-down menu.  To add or remove one section at a time, go to the bottom of the course and click on the plus/minus sign located to the right of the central block.

Edit Sections

To edit any feature of a section, Turn editing on, click the Edit button in the top right corner of the desired section and select from the following options:

edit course section screenshot

  • Edit section: To customize the Section name uncheck the Use default section name box and type the desired title in the space provided.  The default title can be retrieved by re-checking the default box, but will not be shown in the Edit section page.  Text or media added to the summary will be displayed at the top of the section on the course page.
  • Highlight: a section can be highlighted to draw attention to key resources or activities.  This feature is not available in the Weekly format as the current week will automatically be highlighted.
  • Show/Hide: Hiding a section will prevent students from viewing or accessing the contents of the section.