Audio feedback

You can give audio feedback in assignments using a feature called PoodLL. 

1. When creating your assignment, go to Feedback types and make sure Feedback PoodLL is ticked.

2. When you are ready to grade the assignment, use Chrome or Firefox as your browser and ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash and a strong internet connection. Most computers have built in microphones or you can use a headset with a microphone.

3. Go to the assignment and click on View/grade all submissions.

4.  In the Grade column, click on the pencil icon next to the first student, provide a grade and other types of feedback.

5. You should see a dialogue box asking you to allow CourseSpaces access to your camera and microphone. Click on Allow.

Allow Adobe Flash for PoodLL

6. Click Record and record your feedback. We recommend you keep the message under five minutes. Press Stop when you are finished and the file will be uploaded.

Record your message

7. You can check the recording by playing it back. You may have to adjust for volume. 

8. Save and go to the next student's record.

9. When students access their grade, they will see the Feedback PoodLL recording and can press the arrow key to listen.

Student plays back recording