Course Formats

Course formats allow the instructor to customize how they wish to organize sections, activities, and resources in their course.

Follow these steps to change the course format of the course:

  1. Click Edit settings from the ADMINISTRATION block under the Course administration heading.
  2. Click to expand the heading Course format.
  3. Select your desired Format using the pull-down menu.
  4. Number of sections designates the number of sections on the main course page.
  5. Hidden sections defines how hidden sections display to students (either completely invisible or greyed out and collapsed).
  6. Course layout can display all activities/resources on one page, or can display one course summary page and individual pages for each section.

The available course formats are as follows:

Single Activity Format

The course page will be the first activity added to the course.  For most courses this will be the News forum or Announcements.  To use a different activity for this format, the News forum or Announcements must be deleted.

Topics Format

The course page is organized into topic sections (Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3, etc.).  One topic section at a time can be highlighted with a blue background to draw attention to its contents.

Weekly Format Screenshot

Weekly Format

The course page is organized into weekly sections starting from the Course start date as set in the Course settings (4 January – 10 January, 11 January – 17 January, etc.).  Weekly sections will be highlighted according to the current calendar week.

Weekly format screenshot

Grid Format

The course page displays sections as titles and icons in a centred grid display.  The section icons can be clicked to expand the section in a display window or linked to a new page.

grid format screenshot A

gird format screenshot 2

Flexible Sections Format

The course page is organized into topic sections which can be nested within parent sections to provide more flexible and customizable organization of resources and activities.  Sections can only be added or removed from the main course page when editing is turned on; the Number of sections setting is not available.

Flexible sections format screenshot