Add Questions

Once you have created the activity, you can now create questions.

  1. Click the Edit questions tab on the Settings page for the Feedback activity.
  2. Select the type of question you wish to add from the Add question to activity drop-down menu and click the Add question to activity button.

Question Settings/Options

  • Add a page break:This option will put the following question on a new page.
  • Captcha: This option inserts a question to make sure a real person is filling in the form and not an automatic spamming program of some sort. The student will be asked to type some distorted text displayed on in a box screen.
  • Information: This option provides information to the teacher only about the survey. You can choose to display one of three types of information: the time of responding, the course or the category where the feedback is located. The information will be generated automatically, and the students will not see any information related to this item.
  • Label: This option inserts a standard Moodle label, which allows you to add arbitrary text between questions allowing for extra explanation or to divide the Feedback into sections.

Once you have chosen a question type, there are a variety of additional options. The following relates to multiple choice type questions but similar options are available for the other types.

  • Place a check-mark next to the Required checkbox if you want to make the answer mandatory.
  • Enter the question text in the Question field.
  • Enter a label for the question. This label is only for the instructor to make it easier to identify questions and use to select dependencies (below). Students do not see labels for questions.
  • In the Adjustment menu, select whether the answer values should be displayed vertically or horizontally.
  • In the Do not analyze empty submits field, select if you want optional questions that were not answered to be added to the results analysis.
  • In the Hide the Not selected option field, select if you want not selected to be a choice for the students.
  • In the Multiple choice values Use one line for each answer field, enter the answer choices. Start a new line for each answer choice.
  • Optional: In the Dependence item, select the label of the question upon which the current question is dependent upon. Dependencies are optional and can only be based upon questions that are asked before the question that is currently being added, and they must be separated by a page break.
    • Type the answer a student should give in the dependent item (above) in the Dependency Value box in order to include the current question in the activity. The two values must match exactly for the question to be displayed to students.
  • Position controls the order of the questions. Position 1 is the question nearest the top of the page, so when you create or edit a question, you can choose from the drop-down of available positions (which will vary depending on how many other questions there are). You can also rearrange questions by clicking the position up and down arrows on the main add questions screen.

Click Save question to add the question to the activity.