Creating Activity

The Feedback activity is a student-survey tool. It's ideal for requesting informal feedback on your course or teaching, but you can use it to get feedback also on any topic. In the Feedback tool, the questions are not graded. If you want to grade students' answers, use the Quiz instead. If you want students to discuss something, use Discussion Forums instead.

Adding a FeedBack Activity

Follow the steps below to add a Feedback survey to one or more of the sections of the course.

  1. Click Turn editing on at the top right of the course home page.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the section where you would like the feedback survey to be listed.
  3. Select Feedback in the pop-up under Activities, and then click Add. The Assignment settings page appears.


There are a variety of settings. Read each one carefully. A few important ones are:

Feedback Options Settings

  • Record user names: Select anonymous if you would like the users' names to be hidden, or select Users's name will be logged and shown with answers to have names displayed with results.
  • Enable notification of submissions: Select Yes option if you would like to receive an e-mail notification each time a participant completes the evaluation.
  • Allow multiple submissions: If you selected Anonymous in record user names above, then selecting Yes here allows users to take the Feedback survey multiple times, and each submission will be included in the results. If you selected Users's name will be logged and shown with answers above, selecting Yes here allows users to resubmit the Feedback, and only the most recent submission is included in the results. Selecting No will limits all users to one submission.

After Submission Settings

  • Show Analysis: If you select Yes,  it allows participants to see the results analysis with data only. Students can access the Submitted Answers through a link on the Feedback Activity page.

Note: Once you have created the activity, you will now need to build and add your questions to the specific activity.