Add a Post

Special Note if Using Groups

  • Be sure to select the correct group to post the message to using the Separate/Visible Groups drop-down menu in the top left hand corner. Students will ONLY be able to Reply to messages sent to All participants if the forum is setup for Visible Groups (the Separate Groups setting prevents students from replying to messages sent to All participants).
  • Be sure that if you using groups, you have actually set up the groups and added students to those groups - otherwise they will not be able to contribute to a Group forum.
  • N.B. Cross listed courses: In a cross-listed course, all CRN child courses will show up as automatically created groups. When you are creating groups in addition to these default groups, it may be necessary to create and invoke groupings to distinguish which set of groups you are using in a forum or other activity.

Adding a Post to a Forum

Once the Forum has been created, you can post messages and reply to messages posted by other participants in the course. If you are using a group discussion you can toggle between the different group forums you have access to view the posts made within that group's discussion.

  1. Select the Forum title link from the course page. A summary page appears listing any specific details you may have provied students as well as existing posts.
  2. Click Add a new discussion topic to start adding your post.
  3. Enter a brief title in the Subject text field. This subject will appear in the list of discussion topics on the summary page.
  4. Compose the message in the Message text box.
  5. Important: Choose whether you would like to receive email notifications when other participants reply to your post using the Discussion Subscription check-box.
  6. If needed, drag a file from your local computer and drop it in the marked area (dashed rectangle).
  7. You can leave the rest of the settings at the default. Click Post to forum to add your post to the Forum. A confirmation screen will appear informing you that you have a certain number of minutes to edit your post.

Pinning Discussion Topics

Pinning a discussion topic within a forum will keep it at the top of the list.  If multiple discussion topics are pinned, discussion topics will be sorted with the most recent at the top.
The pinned/unpinned state of a discussion topic can be toggled from within the discussion using the Pin/Unpin button.

pinned forum screenshot