Grades Overview

The specific setup of the CourseSpaces gradebook and options available can vary greatly depending on the preferences of the instructor and choices made regarding aggregation method and format. Currently, this documentation provides you with an overview of gradebook functions, including a selection of step-by-step videos and very important good practices to help you understand the basics and avoid potential issues.

We highly suggest that if you use this gradebook component that you keep it very simple. To correct issues/problems later is very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

If you use the online gradebook, export your gradebook on a regular basis to your computer. Do not rely on only one copy of your gradebook. While there is a small possibility of things going wrong, it is always best practice to have more than one copy of students' marks.

KEEP IT SIMPLE!  We actually cannot say this enough. The more complicated a gradebook marking scheme is, or if you change settings within the gradebook, the more likely that problems will occur that we are unable to resolve.

Before You Start

The gradebook can be difficult to master. Here are some best practice recommendations gleaned from many instructor consultations, workshops and other sources to help make your experience with the gradebook go smoothly.

It is best to configure the gradebook before you create assignments, especially if you plan to place assignments into categories.

Before you set up your gradebook:

  • If you are going to use categories within your gradebook (assignments, exams, quizzes, research papers, etc.) do this first, before you add specific assignments to your course. It will save you time and effort later.
  • Decide whether or not you will want to grant extra credit. Adding extra credit is possible in CourseSpaces, but it is difficult to configure later if you have chosen an aggregation method that does not accommodate it.

First Time Entry, What Instructors See

The CourseSpaces gradebook is like an online spreadsheet that allows you to input grade items and calculate your students' final course grades. This is a brief overview of the basic features you see when first entering the gradebook.

To get to the gradebook, click the Grades link in the Administration menu on the main page of your CourseSpaces course.

When you first enter the gradebook you will be in the View tab. As this is a new course, with no online assignments or activities yet, the Grader will only have columns with your students' names and the Course Total. However, this is an excellent time to become familiar with the controls and tabs you see.

The gradebook collects items (assignments/activities) from the various parts of CourseSpaces that are assessed. The gradebook automatically creates a column for the grades it will produce and also adds the grades themselves as they are generated, either by the system (such as if you use the quiz activity) or by you.

Other Features

Toggle ViewLook more closely at the title of your course. You will see a small icon which, when you click on it, will change how the gradebook is displayed to you.

You will also notice the Turn editing on button, located on the top right of the gradebook. This allows you a powerview of the gradebook where a variety of important functions will be performed by you, the instructor. As Turn editing on is such an important function, we deal with this separately on other pages of this website.
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