Often, as instructors, we need to grade assignments on core competencies, otherwise known as key skills or goals. In Moodle-speak, competencies are called Outcomes. Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student is expected to be able to do, or understand, at the completion of an activity or course. An activity might have more than one outcome, and each may have a grade against it.

When the activity is marked, a mark should be given for the submission itself and for the outcome.

We have had reports from instructors that using the outcomes feature may 'deform' the gradebook itself. For example, a long worded outcome will extend a column width so you may have to scroll left/right extensively. This makes reading the gradebook very difficult, and cannot be corrected unless you remove the outcomes created/used.

It is good practice to create your outcomes first, before you create any assignments or activities. Once they are created, you can assign them to the various assignments within your course as you create the activity itself.  Completing it in this sequence will save time and effort.

You can create your list of outcomes through the gradebook by selecting the 'Outcomes' tab.

Create Outcomes

1. Select the Outcomes tab.

2. Now click Edit Outcomes. This will allow you to create your own specific outcomes for the course.

3. A new window will open in which you select the Add a new outcome button.


4. Another page will open in which you will now create an outcome.

5. Give your outcome a name. This is what the student will see as an outcome title. It should be kept as short as possible to avoid webpage problems when grading.

6. Enter a short name. You can duplicate the name from above to keep it simple.

7. Do not select Standard outcome (if available). If you check this box, it is highly likely that it will be deleted from the system at some point, and your scale and information will be lost.

8. Choose the scale that you want to use to grade this outcome. If you create your own scale and encounter difficulties it is highly unlikely Moodle Support will be able to resolve the issue.

9. Now write in the actual descriptive content of the outcome.

10. Remember to Save changes at the bottom of the page.

This process is repeated for each outcome you wish to use in your course.

What just happened?
We've just seen how easy it is to create outcomes (core competencies) for our course. Now that the outcomes are defined, we need to specify which outcomes we are going to use, on a per assignment basis.

Add Outcomes to Assignments/Activities

Add Outcomes to Assignments/Activities

Once you have created your outcomes, you can use them for your activities.

1. Return to your course front page, Turn editing on, and add an assignment to your course.

2. When adding the assignment, scroll down the page and look for the Outcomes box. All the outcomes you created earlier will be available.

Select Outcomes IMAGE

3. Choose the particular outcomes you want to include when you grade the assignment.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save and display.

What just happened?
You just configured your assignment so that you can now, when grading this assignment, add a competency level to the outcomes you selected.

Grade Assignment Using Outcomes

So how do we actually grade students and use the outcomes?

    If you pressed the Save and display button, you should now be at the assignment main page.
    If you are entering the assignment from the course front page, click on the assignment you just reconfigured. Now select View submitted assignments in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Select Grade

1. This opens the assignment so you can now grade each individual student. Select the word Grade for a particular student.

2. The grading window will open. You will see new options to grade the outcomes you have ticked. For example:

Grade Outcomes IMAGE

3. You can now assign the person a grade and also assign them a competency level (using the drop down) for the particular outcome(s) you have associated with the assignment.

Removing Outcomes

What if you selected the wrong outcome for use in an assignment or activity?

    If you go to update the activity itself from your course centre block, previously selected outcomes are greyed out on the update activity page, so you cannot remove them from here.
    However they can be removed via the gradebook under the Categories and items tab.

    Each outcome will appear in the list either below or above the activity it has been enabled in, and will have the same icon as that activity.
    In the example below, you see the assignment with the outcome (Sentence Structure) directly beneath it. Remove the outcome, by selecting the red X.

removeoutcome IMAGE

Removing the outcome from here does not delete it from your course, only from the particular activity.