Scales and Calculations

Scales DropdownScales are a way of evaluating or rating a student's performance. CourseSpaces offers a standard set of non-numeric scales.

If combining a numerical scale and (for example) a Satisfactory scale, you MUST create separate categories for the two different marking types. If you do not, Moodle will 'interpret' the worded scale, and give a numerical mark - thus changing calculations in your grades area.

Using a Scale

The Instructor needs to assign a specific scale to an online activity using a drop down menu in the activity that is being created in the course centre block.
Then the instructor and/or students can rate an activity element (for example, a post in a forum) with that pre-defined scale.

Numeric Scales

CoursesSpaces includes numeric scales that range from a maximum of 100 to a minimum of 1. For example, selecting a scale of 10, will allow a rating on a scale between 10 and 1. Numeric scales can be calculated as a grade.

Letter Grade

There is a standardized percentage/letter grade equivalency scale used at UVic and is available in the gradebook.

Highest Lowest Letter
100.00 % 90.00 % A+
89.99 % 85.00 % A
84.99 % 80.00 % A-
79.99 % 77.00 % B+
76.99 % 73.00 % B
72.99 % 70.00 % B-
69.99 % 65.00 % C+
64.99 % 60.00 % C
59.99 % 50.00 % D
49.99 % 0.00 % F

Non-Numeric Scales

It is also possible to use custom scales which are already available or create your own. These non-numeric scales can give the student a word or small phrase as a way of rating or giving a student feedback.

Incomplete, Pending, Finished

Forum rating scale
Wrong, Misleading, Unhelpful, Useful, Great, Awesome, Perfect

Completed-Not Completed
Not Completed, Completed

Not satisfactory, Satisfactory, Outstanding