Create Grouping (Advanced)

Groupings are an advanced feature. You must create Groups in your course before creating groupings.

  • A Grouping provides a way to assign an activity to one or more groups in a course.  Other students and groups may not have access to the activity.  Using groupings can make an activity display only to those who are members of the groups that make up the grouping.
  • Please note that the grouping option appears by default only in activities that support group modes.

Add Groups to a Grouping

  1. In your course, select Course Administration > Users > Groups from the Administration block.
  2. Click the Groupings tab near the top of the page.
  3. Create a Grouping by selecting the Create grouping button.
  4. Add a Grouping name, and click Save changes.
  5. Now, look in the Edit column for a particular grouping. Click the Show Groups in Grouping (double people) icon.
  6. On the Add/remove groups page, click on the group name you want to add to the grouping from the Potential members list.
  7. Click the Add arrow button that points towards the Existing members list. This will move the group into the left hand column.
  8. Now you can click the Back to groupings button. You will see the groups you have added to the grouping.

Set up Activity for Groupings

Remember, you must now go to the activity (or create an activity) you wish to use a Grouping in.

  1. Edit that activity, find Common module settings, ensure that Group mode is either visible or separate (depending on your needs).
  2. Now select the grouping name from the Grouping dropdown menu.
  3. If you want this activity to be available to only that Grouping, check the Available for group members only box.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save your changes.