Adding an Audio File to Your Course

There are several ways to add audio files to your course, depending on your needs and how you want to present the material. Adding audio files will require some experimentation on your part.

Uploading an Individual Audio File

Choose this option if you wish to upload your sound file to CourseSpaces and give users the option to download it to their own computers.

  1. With Editing turned on, Choose Add an Activity or Resource>File
  2. Add a Name that the students will click, and also a description which will provide additional information or instructions.
  3. Add the audio file the same way you would an individual file.

TIP: Note that the way the audio will display depends on the software the user has on their own computer. This could mean that some students might be unable to access your audio.

Adding an Audio File to a ‘Page’

Sometimes you may want to add an online page, which allows a variety of content types, including audio.

  1. With editing turned on, Choose Add an Activity or Resource>Page
  2. Write your content. Then using the editor, select the ‘add media’ image.
  3. A new window will now open. Click Browse repositories and the File picker will open. now you can Browse for an item on your computer or draw on one of the Repositories in the menu on the left. 
  4. Click Upload this file, and an Insert media box will appear with the name of the file and URL. Click Upload media.
  5. Your media file is now on the page, and you can Save and return to course or Save and display

Adding a Folder of Audio Files

Sometimes you may wish to group a series of audio files together. While you can also do this by adding a Page and then adding a series of audio files interspersed with text, you may just want to add a Folder of Audio Files.

Do this the same way as explained under Adding a Folder of Files to Your Course Main Page.

Add Audio Directly to Your Course Main Page

You may wish students to see the audio player directly on the course page, for example, an audio introduction to a week or topic. One way to do this is to add a label. Follow the instructions, above, for Page, but when you Add an Activity of Resource, choose Label from the list of resources.