Managing Files

Copyright and CourseSpaces

Although CourseSpaces is password protected, you must stilll follow copyright rules when uploading content.  For more information, please contact the UVic Copyright Office directly.

File Size

Maximum file size upload is 128MB. If your file is larger than this, it will not upload to CourseSpaces.

This is a site wide setting that can't be changed for an individual user or course. If you need to upload a file larger than 128 MB, several options are available:
  • Upload the file to another location, and then link to the file or embed it in CourseSpaces.
  • Cut the file into several smaller pieces and then upload them.
If a student needs to submit the file for a CourseSpaces assignment, have them cut the file into smaller segments, and allow them to upload more than one file in the assignment submission.
TIP: If a file is very large, it will take time for the file to travel from your computer, through the internet connection, and then into CourseSpaces.

Drag and Drop

If you are using a current browser, you can click, hold, and drag and drop a file directly onto your course page. You will know if drag and drop is available to you because you will (briefly) see this message at the top of your screen:

Drag and Drop Message

To drag and drop a folder, you must first compress/zip it using whichever program your computer has.

There are a variety of ways to add basic reading resources, audio, and video into your course. It takes a bit of time and practice to style your content look and feel to your liking (and your students).