Repositories enable users to upload files, access previously uploaded files, and load content from external sources, such as Flickr, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Repositories are accessed through the File picker.

Repositories availablePile Picker Repositories

Upload a file

Use this to browse for and upload a file from your computer into your course file system. The upload size limit for a file is 128 megabytes. CourseSpaces will create a folder for the file based on where the file is being added.

Course Files

This repository enables instructors and staff to access files used in a course and on the site that they have permission to access.

Activity modules for which files are available in the Course files repository are:

      • Link to a File (resource)
      • Folder (resource)
      • Database
      • Forum
      • Glossary
      • Lesson

When a file from the Course Files repository is re-used elsewhere on CourseSpaces, the instructor has the option to make a copy (a new, unconnected version) or to create a shortcut or alias.

Recent files

This gives you access to the last 50 files you have uploaded, according to the context.


Search for and display media from Wikimedia that can be copied into the course. Wikimedia is a database of free usable media files to which anyone can contribute too.

Google Drive

Copy files from your Google docs account:

      • From the file picker, click on the Google Drive link and a prompt to log in will appear
      • If it is your first time, the click the "Allow access" button to log in

Picasa web album

Search for and display images from your Picasa account that can be copied into the course.


This repository lets you copy files from your Dropbox account.

Flickr public

Search for and display images from Flickr.


Search for and display images from your personal Flickr account.

Course reserves

Link to your library reserves you already created with the library. When viewing this repository the CRN of the course syncs with the Ares space created for the reserves.

Digital coursepacks

The digital coursepacks feature allows an instructor to add a resource to the course site.  If digital coursepacks are selected, it pulls the coursepack from the bookstore.