Add Questions

  1. Click Add questions.
  2. Click the Questions tab.
  3. Select a question type from the drop-down menu (set by default to Check Boxes) and click Add selected question type.
    Note: To edit an existing question, click the Edit Settings icon () next to the question name.
  4. Configure each question.

Questions types:

  • Check Boxes: Check boxes allow the users to select multiple answers from a list of options
    • Date: Use this question type if you expect the response to be a correctly formatted date.
    • Label: This is not a question but a (short) piece of text which will be displayed to introduce a series of questions.
  • Dropdown box: Respondents chose their response from a drop-down menu.
  • Essay box: This question will display a plain text box for a longer, essay-type, question response.
  • Numeric: Use this question type if you expect the response to be a correctly formatted number. By using the Max. digits allowed and Nb of decimal digits parameters, you can specify the length and number of decimal places required.
  • Radio buttons: Similar to check boxes, allows respondents to select one or more options from a list
  • Rate (Scale 1..5): Respondents provide a numerical rating
  • Text box (for a brief one line response): For the Text Box question type, enter the Input Box length and the Maximum text length of text to be entered by respondent.
  • Yes/no: A simple yes or no question.

For all question types:

  • Provide a name for the question in the Question Name text box. If you don’t provide a question name, CourseSpaces will generate a
  • Specify whether the question must be answered in order to complete the questionnaire by selecting Yes or No for Response is required.
  • Format other settings according to the question type.
  1. Click Save changes to finish adding a new question.
    Note: If you are editing an existing question, you can optionally click Save as New Question to create a new question instead of replacing the existing question. You can use this option to create a series of questions that are similar to each other.
  2. To preview your questions, click the Preview tab.