Questionnaire Settings

  • In the Name field, enter a name for the questionnaire.
  • In the Description field, enter the text you want students to see at the top of the questionnaire. This text precedes the actual questions, which you will specify in a separate step after you finish adding the activity. 
  • Click the Timing heading to set start and end dates limiting when students may take the questionnaire.
    Note: The Timing settings allow students to view results even after the end date, whereas the Restrict Access setting (see below) completely hides all parts of the activity from view.
    • Use Open Date allows you to set a date and time when students can start responding to the questionnaire. If disabled, the questionnaire becomes available for students to take immediately upon its creation.
    • Use Close Date lets you select the date and time after which students cannot take the questionnaire. If disabled, the activity is available indefinitely.
    • Click the Response options heading to customize the way student responses are handled:
      Type determines the frequency with which students may respond:
      • Respond many (default) allows unlimited responses.
      • Respond once, daily, weekly, or monthly restricts how often a student may respond.
      • Respondent Type sets whether results will show students' names:
        • Fullname displays the full names of your students with each response
        • Anonymous removes the student names from responses.
        • Note: When set to Anonymous, instructors will not see names listed in the survey results, but CAN see whether a student has submitted a questionnaire by checking the Reports for the activity. The report will not identify a particular attempt except by a timestamp.
        • Students can view ALL responses determines whether and when students can view a summary of submitted responses (in addition to their own individual response, which they can view at any time):
          • After answering the questionnaire (default): Students may view all submitted responses only after submitting their own response.
          • After the questionnaire is closed: Students may view all submitted responses after the questionnaire's closing date/time (if set using the options in the Timing section above).
          • Always: Students can view submitted responses at any time, even if they have not answered the questionnaire first.
  • Save/Resume answers
    • No (default) requires students to complete the questionnaire in one sitting.
    • Yes allows students to save answers, and return later to finish the questionnaire.
  • Allow branching questions enables Yes/No and Radio Buttons questions to have child questions dependent on their choices in your questionnaire.
    • No (default) will not allow branching questions.
    • Yes will allow your questionnaire to have branching questions.
  • Automatic numbering of questions and pages determines whether questions and/or pages will be automatically numbered. You might want to disable automatic numbering for questionnaires with conditional branching.
    • Auto number pages and questions (default): Both pages and questions will be automatically numbered.
    • Auto number pages: Only pages (not questions) will be automatically numbered.
    • Auto number questions: Only questions (not pages) will be automatically numbered.
    • Do not number questions or pages: Neither pages nor questions will be automatically numbered.
  • Submission grade gives you the option to assign a grade to the questionnaire. Select a point value from the Submission grade drop-down menu. 

Note: Unlike with a Quiz activity, with a questionnaire you cannot grade each question; you can only specify one completion grade for submitting the questionnaire activity.

  1. Under Common module settings and Restrict access (optional), you can control how students access the questionnaire.
  2. Click Save and display. The next step is to add questions to your questionnaire.