Organize Question Bank

We can organize questions into categories for easy identification, retrieval, and most importantly for use when you want randomized questions to appear in a quiz. Many instructors create logical groups based on the desired outcomes of the course to provide useful groupings of questions.

Create Categories

  1. Select Settings> CourseAdministration > Question bank > Categories
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Add Category area.
  3. Make sure you are in the parent category (will say Default for....the course you are in)
  4. Type a short name for the new category you wish to add. You may also wish to enter a description for that category.
  5. Click Add category, and that category folder will be added.

The number in brackets following each category name indicates the number of questions in that category. Notice that there are zero questions in the category we just created.

Add New Questions to the Category

  1. Now, on left-hand side navigation select Questions.
  2. Choose the category you want to create the question in, using the drop down menu.
  3. Click Create a new question.
  4. Here you can now choose the question type you wish to create, and create it.
  5. Be sure to Save your question.

Note that after saving your question you return to the main question bank page. From the Select a category drop-down menu, navigate to the category you placed the question in. Note that in brackets behind the category name is a count of the questions in that particular category. After choosing the category, the questions will appear below on the page.

Add Specific Questions to your Quiz from a Category

Follow steps below to add questions within question bank to the quiz.

  1. Click the Edit Quiz in Administration block.
  2. Select Add from the bottom right-hand corner and select from question bank
  3. Select a category from the drop down and choose the category from which you wish to add questions to this quiz.
  4. Place a checkmark in each question checkbox you would like to add to the questions.
  5. Click Add selected questions to the quiz when all questions have been selected.

Add X number of Random Questions to a Quiz from a Category

You should have already created a Quiz in your Course centre block.

  1. Go to the quiz, and on the left hand side, select Edit Quiz.
  2. Select Add from the bottom right-hand corner and choose a random question. Choose the category from the category drop down.
  3. Under Add random questions from category, Choose the number of random questions you would like to add from the drop down. (Note: you must have more questions in the category than the number you choose).
  4. Click Add random question.  The # of questions will populate your quiz using questions from the category you used.