Add the Scheduler Activity

General settings

  1. Enter the Scheduler title in the Name field.
  2. Enter any relevant details or instructions in the Introduction text box. This is what students will see when they access the Scheduler.

Display settings

  1. Enter an alternate Role name of the instructor if desired. This column heading appears at the top of the appointment list table for both instructors and students. If TAs will also be meeting with students, you could rename this to Instructor/TA.
  2. Select your preferred Mode for the Scheduler.
  • Students can only register one appointment at a time will force students to wait until the date of any scheduled appointment has passed before scheduling a subsequent appointment.
  • Students can only register one appointment will only allow students to sign up for one appointment.
  1. Enter a number in minutes for the duration of the appointments in the Default slot duration. Note that you can customize individual slots once they have been created.
  2. If you plan to assign a grade for the appointment, select the maximum Grade from the drop-down.
  3. Select yes from the Notifications drop-down if you would like email notifications and reminders to be sent to both students and instructors.

Common Module Settings

If required, select the appropriate Group and Grouping settings if groups have been configured in your course. When enabled, it gives the option for both the instructor or any student in a group to schedule an appointment on behalf of the group.

If you are going to set up appointments for both groups and individuals, it is recommended to set up separate Scheduler Activities for each because of the way Scheduler functions in Group mode.

Click Save and display to view the activity.