CourseSpaces Profile


Every CourseSpaces user has a User Profile. You can view your profile at any time by using the drop-down Menu at the top of any CourseSpaces page.

Your CourseSpaces profile includes information about you, such as your name and email address. From the profile page, users can also access their forum post history and see any badges they have collected from various courses.


To edit your CourseSpaces profile, click ‘edit profile’ beneath User details.

Your First name, Last name, Preferred Email Address and ID Number (V-Number) are pulled into CourseSpaces from the main UVic website. If you need to change any of these, please see the guides at the University Systems Help Centre

  • Description Text Box: Enter information you want to share about yourself. This description will be visible to all of your course(s) participants.
  • User Picture: Add a picture to your profile. Click the Add link, or drag the file from your local computer and drop it in the marked area (dashed rectangle).  The picture will display wherever your profile information is used such as in Forums or when someone views your profile. Please note, if you change your picture, and the new one does not display, it indicates that your browser has just cached the old image. To fix this, clear the cache in your browser and the new one will display.

When finished, be sure to click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

Preferences in CourseSpaces

It is very important to review the following account settings, and make changes where appropriate. At the top of any CourseSpaces page, open the drop-down Menu and click Preferences. The Preferences page is where users can alter their Forum Preferences and Messaging Preferences.


Forum preferences

On the main Preferences page, click Forum Preferences.

Whenever you change a setting, make sure you select the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the profile page.

  • Email Digest Type: This setting is particularly important if you are using Forums in your course(s) since it determines how forum messages will be sent to you.
  • Forum Auto Subscribe: Specify whether CourseSpaces will automatically subscribe you to a forum after your initial post. If you subscribe, it means you will receive emails of forum posts. Be aware - this could mean a lot of emails!
  • Forum Tracking: Specify whether you want to keep track of new posts made in forums from the Forum tracking: drop-down menu. Selecting Yes: highlight new posts for me will highlight forum messages that you have not yet read so that you can quickly see what’s new.

Messaging Preferences

On the main Preferences page, click Messaging.

Whenever you change a setting, make sure you select the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the profile page.

Look through the various settings. Users can choose whether to receive pop-up notifications, emails or both for particular occurrences in CourseSpaces. Pop-up notifications appear at the bottom right side of most CourseSpaces pages, but will disappear if a different page is loaded.