Request a course shell

Important: You cannot reuse an old course shell.
My Page

Each term you must request a CourseSpaces course shell. You may import old course content into the new shell later.

This is based on CRN number, and you must be the official designated instructor to complete the process.

  1. All course requests are submitted using the UVic main website.
  2. Log in with your Netlink ID and password.
  3. Navigate to My Page.
  4. Within this area, you will be able to select your course, and complete your course request. You will recieve a confirmation email (to your preferred email address) if this process has been completed correctly.

Special Notes:

  • If the course you are teaching is not listed, you must contact your department as it is their responsibility to submit the course information to Scheduling.
  • Course shell creation requests are processed nightly so will take up to 48 hours until you see your course in CourseSpaces.

Request a shell not associated with a CRN

You may want a CourseSpaces shell for your own learning, for development of a course, or for a course template (to retain master content that can be imported into CRN courses). To order a non-CRN course, email us at Provide as many details as possible, and answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the new CourseSpaces shell?
  • Who will have access to the new CourseSpaces shell?
  • How long will you need access to the new course shell?

This information will help us to place your new shell in the correct category.

Request a shell for a cross-listed course

When two or more courses share course content (e.g., in a course with multiple lab or tutorial sections), you may want to have your courses “cross-listed.”  We will create a “parent” course, linking the enrollments for all of the “child” courses to the parent or cross listed course. The parent course is then the only course the students will access, and the CRN child courses are hidden.  If you are the Instructor of Record for the main or lecture instance of the course, you can request a cross listed course by emailing us at with your request. Please provide as many details as possible. 

If You Require Assistance

For further assistance, please see our Step by step guide: How to request your LMS. If you encounter any problems, contact the Computer Help Desk. You will need to know the CRN number of the course, and also be the designated instructor for the course.