Instructor Support for CourseSpaces

Welcome to the documentation area for instructors, teaching assistants, and department support staff on how to use CourseSpaces.

Please see the menu on the left for available support documentation.

CourseSpaces is our Learning Management System at UVic. In CourseSpaces, you can

  • Build collaborative communities of learning around your subject matter
  • Post resources for your students, such as PDFs, audio, video, PowerPoints
  • Have online Discussion Forums, create quizzes, wikis, and blogs, and chatrooms
  • Create online assignments and have students upload assignments to you
  • Enter grades easily and populate the gradebook automatically.

Once a course area is created (requested through the main UVic website) you may design course content and interactions for your intended outcomes.

If you are new to CourseSpaces, please view the video below, which reviews basic navigational features and what to do/expect when you log in.

CourseSpaces Orientation Video for Instructors