Adding badge criteria

1. Once you have created the badge, you will see the following screen, prompting you to add criteria. (In this example, I downloaded a “communications” badge and called it “Communications Star.”)

Adding criteria for a badge
2. Click on Criteria, and look under the Add badge criteria drop-down menu. You will have a choice of
•    Manual issue by role
•    Course completion
•    Activity completion
3. If you wish to issue a badge for activity or course completion, skip to step number 5.  If you wish to issue the badge manually, click on Manual issue by role and you will see the following screen
Manual issue of a badge by role
4. Check appropriate categories, then Save.  
5. If you wish to link badge-earning to completion of the course or an activity, click Course Completion or Activity Completion.  When you choose course completion, you can require a certain course grade be attained to earn the badge. When you choose activity completion, a list of the activities in your course will be displayed.  Check the activity or activities students should complete to earn the badge. You may wish to enable dates.
6. Note that if you wish to link badge earning to activity completion or course completion, activity and course completion must be set up.
7. Click Save.
8. To modify the standard message sent to the student, click Message and add or modify the message. Save changes below.
9. Click Enable access, at the top right, so students can start earning badges.


We recommend that you read more about locking criteria once a badge is earned – click the question mark beside the sentence “Enable access if you want users to earn this badge.”  Here you will find information on locking, which is used to ensure that instructors do not modify criteria during the course, and thus all students are held to the same standard. If you wish to edit any details about the badge, you will need to disable access before you can edit.