Awarding and managing badges

  1. From the Administration block, click Badges, then Manage badges. You will see the following screen with a number of choices at the far right (circled in blue). These choices allow you to show or hide the badge, award the badge, edit badge settings, copy the badge, or delete the badge.Manage badges with actions
  2. To award a badge, click the second icon. You will see a screen with two columns—existing badge recipients (left) and potential badge recipients (right).
  3. Click to highlight a student then click Award badge, and the student will appear in the left column, “Existing badge recipients.”  
  4. Students will receive a standard message alerting them to the badge, and can review their earned badges when they click on Badges in the Navigation block, on their profile (under full profile), or in the block My Latest Badges, which the instructor can add using Add a Block.  
  5. Students can view each other’s badges by going to the list of participants, clicking on the photo of a participant, and then clicking Full Profile
  6. To Hide, Edit, Copy, or Delete badges, click on the appropriate icon.

Managing badge privacy settings

  1. To manage privacy settings for badges you have earned, go to the Administration block on the home page of the course, click My profile settings, Badges, and then Preferences.Manage privacy settings for badges
  2. Click or unclick the box “Automatically show badges I earn on my profile page.”  Your students also have this capability to manage their privacy settings.