Downloading and creating badges

  1. You will need one or more badges downloaded on your desktop before you start the process of adding, managing, and giving badges on the CourseSpaces site. Instructors can search for appropriate badges, download them for free, and create a library of badges.
  2. Once you have one or more badge images saved to your desktop or other location, click the Badges menu in the course Administration block of your course.
  3. Select Add a new badge.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the badge.
  5. Under Image, either browse for the image or click and drag the image into the file area to upload.  
  6. If you add the teacher name under Issuer details, it will appear when the badge is displayed. An email address is optional.
  7. Set a date under Badge expiry if the badge will cease to be valid after a certain date. Leave it to never if you want the badge to be permanently displayed.
  8. Click Create badge.