Configure Tracking

Once the completion tracking is enabled at the course level, you can set up tracking criteria for an activity by following the steps below:

Activity Completion

  1. Click Turn editing on button at top right of your course home page.
  2. Click the settings icon associated with the course activity or resource for which you would like to set the activity completion criteria.
  3. In the Activity completion section, select your preferred tracking option from the Completion tracking drop-down list.
  • Do not indicate activity completion will remove the checkbox for the activity or resource.
  • Students can manually mark the activity as completed allows students to manually mark the activity as complete by ticking the checkbox associated with the activity or resource.
  • Show activity as complete when conditions are met will automatically mark the activity or resource as complete when all specified conditions are met.

More Information for: Show Activity Complete When Conditions Are Met

If you selected Show activity as complete when conditions are met in the previous step, select the condition(s) to be met from the options available. These options will vary based on which activity or resource type you are managing.

For example, Require view means that students only need to access the resource such as a file to mark it as complete. It does not indicate how much time was spent with the file open, just that the student opened it.

If you would like to view the expected date when an activity or resource should be completed by student then enable the Expect completed on option and select a date. Special Note: this date will not be displayed to students. It is only displayed in the activity completion report.