Enabling Tracking

To help students manage their workload, CourseSpaces provides an option for tracking activities that have been completed. Completion tracking allows resources and activities to be marked completed manually or when certain conditions have been met. If Activity completion is enabled at course level, then a checkbox associated with each activity and resource will appear on course home page for each student.

To make the Activity Completion option available, you need to check that it is activated at the course level. You can allow students to manually mark the activities to help keep track of what they have done, or set a tracking condition for automatically marking the activity complete.

Check Completion Tracking is On

  1. When in a course as Instructor, click Edit settings in the Administration block.
  2. Find the Completion Tracking heading in the main section of this page.
  3. Make sure yes is selected from the Enable Completion tracking drop-down list.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and  save your changes.

You need to check this setting in every course that you teach in CourseSpaces.