Download File Submission

You can download submissions one file at a time, or download all submissions in a zipped file.

Download All Submissions

  1. Click an assignment link on the course homepage.
  2. On the assignment page click the View/grade all submissions.
  3. downloadOn the assignment grading screen use the Grading Action menu (located at the top) and choose Download all submissions.
  4. Using this method of downloading adds the student full name as a prefix to each file.

Special Note

  • Online Text assignments will be downloaded as HTML files.

5. Save the zipped file (know where you have saved it!)

6. Locate the zipped file on your computer. Unzip the file to view and evaluate the individual assignment files.

Download Individual Submission

To download only the assignment of an individual student, click on the assignment file name listed in the File submissions column, and then save it to your computer.

Special Note

  • The file will retain its name, but adds no student identification information to the title.