Feedback Files

Attach a Feedback File back to an individual student

If this option was selected when you created the assignment, you will have a Comment Files upload box to drag-and-drop a feedback file back to individual students.

  1. Click an assignment link on the course main page.
  2. On the assignment page click the View/grade all submissions.
  3. In the Grade column click the Grade icon (a pencil) for the individual student.
  4. Drag-and-drop or click Add to upload Feedback file(s), (located near the bottom of the page)
  5. Click Save changes.

Special note: We highly recommend you use the above method, rather than trying to use the Upload multiple feedback files in a zip, which is a much more complicated advanced method, and extremely difficult to troubleshoot if you encounter an issue (see below).

Remove a Feedback file

You can remove a feedback file uploaded to a student, if you have made a mistake and uploaded the wrong document.

  1. Click an assignment link on the course main page.
  2. On the assignment page click the View/grade all submissions.
  3. In the Edit column click Action icon and choose Update grade.
  4. Select the text in the Feedback comments text area and use your keyboard Delete key.
  5. Click the feedback file. On the file action screen choose Delete. When asked, click Yes.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Students cannot see Feedback file?

An issue reported by instructors is that students are unable to see the response files for assignments. This occurs when the instructor uploads a response file for a student to review but does not assign a grade or does not enter textual feedback in the assignment’s comments. There are two things to check as an instructor:

  • Provide a grade or write a comment for the assignment. If you have a large number of students for which this issue is occurring, turn on Quick Grading and simply put something in the Feedback column. You can even simply type periods in the blank space. Remember to save your feedback when you are done.
  • If the assignment is hidden in the Grade Book, then students will not be able to see their grades or feedback from within the assignment area. However, the grade will still be calculated as part of the course total. The simple solution is to unhide the assignment from inside the Grade Book.

Upload Multiple Feedback Files

This is an Advanced procedure. Please read the following cautions very carefully. If problems occur it is highly unlikely CourseSpaces Support would be able to fix the issue.

  • You must have Zip creation software on your computer.
  • You must be very familiar with using and creating zip files.
  • You  must have already downloaded files using the Download as a zip file method that from a CourseSpaces assignment (no other method will work)
  • You must ensure that you have not renamed the original student files in order for this to work properly.
  • The zip file you create to upload back into CourseSpaces must not contain any folders.
  • If you have large classes - it is not recommended you use this process. The internet connection may time out.
  • If mistakes are made - you would need to manually go into each students feedback files, delete them, and replace them with the correct one.