View and Grade Assignments

Tip: It is recommended that you grade assignment submissions from within the activity itself rather than through the grades area. 

  1. Click the assignment link (its name) on your course main page.
  2. On the assignment page click the View all submissions button. You may also select the blue Grade button at this stage to begin grading immediately (in this case move ahead to stage 5).
  3. If you see no submissions:  Open the Options drop down, and change the filter to 'Submitted' or 'Requires grading'.
  4. In the Grade column, click the blue Grade button.
  5. To download or open files for evaluation, click on the file name in the right column, under submission.  A PDF feedback file is generated where notes can be provided.  If the submitted assignment is a PDF, a copy of the PDF will appear here that can be annotated for feedback purposes.
  6. Evaluate the submission and enter a Grade.
  7. Enter Feedback comments, attach Feedback files or Feedback PoodLL recording in the right column below the Grade.
  8. Allow another attempt using the settings below the Feedbacks.
  9. If you have set it up as a group assignment, choose whether or not to Apply grades and feedback to entire group. If Yes, all students within the same group will receive the same grade and feedback. If No, you can assign an individual mark to each student.

10. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. This will save any annotations, marks, and feedback you may have entered, and release them to the student. If the Notify students box is checked, the student will receive a notification of the graded assignment. 

  • Save changes: If you are done grading and want to return to the assignment page.
  • Use the arrows or dropdown menu at the top-right of the page to navigate between submissions.

Grade assignment screenshot