Manage Quiz Attempts

Quiz attempts, overall grade, grade for each question are all tracked. There are also links to review all the details of a student's quiz attempt.

Review Attempts

  1. Click the Quiz title on the course home page. Quiz description, quiz details and the number of students attempts will appear on a new page.
  2. Click the Attempts link to view student attempts. Grades page is displayed with an overview of each student quiz status. The student's response, the correct answers and the response history are logged.
  3. You can leave What to include, and Display options at the default (or change them if you wish)
  4. Below those settings, you will see the students and their basic grades for the quiz.
  5. Click the Review attempt link below student's name to view the actual attempt.

Make Comment or Override Mark

Follow the instructions above to access a specific students attempt. Then:

  1. Click Make comment or override mark to manually grade the questions that require grading. A new window will display the questions.
  2. Enter the any feedback in Comment box.
  3. Enter the grade in Mark field
  4. Click Save button to save changes.
  5. Click Next view next question.
  6. Click Finish Review to close the attempt review.

Please also vist our How To section for more.