Course Backup

When should you back up your course?  When you teach a course regularly, you needn't create backup files because you can import course content into a new shell from year to year (courses are available for 1 year from course end date). However, when you are not sure when you will be teaching a course again and wish to save it for re-use, it's a good idea to create a backup file that can later be restored into a course shell.

If the course is one that you would like to preserve as a template, you don't need to create a backup file; rather, you can request a template course shell by contacting us at Once you have the course shell, you can import the contents of your course into the template, which will be preserved for later use. 

How to create a backup file:

  • Login to CourseSpaces.
  • Go to the course that you wish to back up.
  • Under the Administration block, select Backup. A new window will open.
  • The initial backup settings automatically prevent user data from being backed up, as per the screenshot below.

backup page no user data

  • You can also select what specific content you wish to back up using the right hand column tick boxes. Click Next.

backup list of items backed up

  • On the next page, click Next again, and on the final page, click on Perform backup.

backup perform backup button

  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and select Continue. The backup process may take a few minutes to complete.  
  • Depending on the size of your course/content, there may be a lot of information appear on the next page. Scroll to the bottom, and once the backup is complete you should see a statement saying the the backup file was successfully created.

backup file created

  • Select the Continue button. This will take you to the Course backup area. There may be several files in this area, however, you will be looking for the most recent backup file (the one you just created).
  • Once you have located the file, click on Download, and the backup file will be saved with an mbz ending to the download area of your computer. The location of files varies depending on your browser.  Move the file to a safe place (your hard drive, for example). You cannot open this file—the content can only be accessed by restoring the backup file into a CourseSpaces course shell.

download backup file

  • You can right-click on the backup file and click Properties to see its size. Any file over 128MB can be restored by staff at TIL--bring your file to us on a memory stick.  Any file less than 128MB can be restored by the user into a course shell.