Close Student Access

It is the responsibility of the designated Instructor to close courses to student access (thus removing the course from their CourseSpaces ‘My Home’ page).  

How to close a course to student access

  1. Enter the course and Turn editing on.
  2. Find the Quicksets block (located on left hand side of course).
  3. Change Students can see: - this course to No.
  4. Select the  Update Settings button.

If a student contacts the Computer Help Desk or Integrated Learning Technologies (TIL) to have access removed after the end of term, they will be instructed to contact the instructor of the course to complete the process within their course shell. Neither the Computer Help Desk or TIL will close courses.  

As an instructor, you will still be able to access the closed course and its contents for a period of 1 year after the term close date. This enables you to import course contents into the next term's CourseSpaces shell.