My mail Tool

The mail function in CourseSpaces is called My mail, and it will appear in your Navigation Menu. My mail allows students and instructors to communicate privately with one another within CourseSpaces courses and offers many typical email features, such as Sent and Draft folders, cc and bcc options, and a preference menu.

The mail tool has the following features:

Compose: write messages that can be sent to individuals in a specified course.
Inbox: a repository for messages that have been received from users in any courses that you are enrolled in.
Starred: repository for messages that have been flagged as important.
Drafts: storage for saved messages
Sent: repository all sent composed messages
Trash: repository for Deleted messages
Preferences: a setting that enable you to “mark all new messages as read”.
Courses: A list of the courses you are enrolled in.

Send a message

  1. Click My mail and a drop down menu will appear.

my mail in navigation menu

  1. Click Compose and select a particular Course from the drop-down menu on the resulting page. Select the course you want to send mail within.
  2. On the resulting page, there will be areas to compose your message and to add attachments.

my mail add recipients

3. Click on Add recipients - A list of available recipients will appear in a menu (as below).

You can filter by role if relevant (e.g., filter for Teaching Assistants to send mail only to your TAs). Click on as many recipients as you wish and Apply. You can also use cc and bcc if you wish.

my mail add recipients list

4. Next, add a Subject, compose your Message and add any Attachments either by browsing (click the add file icon in left corner) or dragging and dropping files. Finally, Send your message.

5. Your messages will display on a page showing time sent.

my mail message display

Messages received

When you receive messages, the number of new messages will appear in parentheses after My mail and Inbox in the Navigation menu on any course page as well as on your Dashboard. When you click on your inbox, the messages are displayed with the following information: sender, originating course, subject, and time sent.