Once you are logged into CourseSpaces using your Netlink ID, the Dashboard page is the starting point for all courses you are enrolled in or are a member of. This page is divided into three sections.

Settings and Navigation Blocks

On the left is the Navigation block.  The term block refers to a particular cluster of configurable settings.  Each block will have a unique name. 

In any block, the > symbol indicates that sub-options exist in a particular category. Clicking each > symbol will reveal additional options in that menu.

The Navigation block allows you to navigate between and within a course. This block is available to you from the initial login page, the Dashboard.

Middle Section

The middle section houses important system messages, such as any upcoming outages. It is important that you always review this section. Below is a list of your courses as well as any notifications associated with the course. To enter the course, all you need to do is click on the course name. You are only allowed access to courses that you are enrolled in.

If you are enrolled in a course, but do not see it here, you should contact the instructor directly.

If you see a course from a previous term in this area, it means that the instructor is still allowing student access to it. It is up to the instructor to close student access (making it disappear from your course list).

Right-hand Section

The right hand section will usually house additional information. Presently there is a Student Support Orientation video, which covers the basics of using CourseSpaces.