Submit Online Text

An online text assignment requires you to type into a textbox and submit for grading. Depending on how the instructor has set up the online text assignment, you will be able to do a number of things. If the instructions are not clear, contact your instructor for clarification.

1. Navigate to the course and the assignment.

2. Read and follow the instructions the instructor has provided.

3. To enter online text, select the Add Submission button.

4. A new page will open where you can compose your entry. You can expand the editor by clicking the first icon top left.

student assignment online text


  • If you have a long entry, it is better to compose it on your computer first to avoid any logging out/network connection issues that may occur, which could result in you losing all of your work. If you do not, and your entry is not saved, there is no way to retrieve it.  If you compose your entry in a word processing program, use Control C to copy and Control V to paste into the text box.  Formatting does not always copy well, so it is suggested you add any formatting features using the text editor (e.g., bullets, bolding).

5. Once you are ready, select the Save changes button.


  • If resubmission is allowed, a user can return to the assignment and click Edit my submission to make changes to the text.
  • If file upload is allowed, you will see an area where you are able to upload a file in addition to the online text. This setting is controlled by the instructor.