Forum Overview

A Forum is an online discussion board used as an asynchronous communication tool. Forums have different settings and purposes. Your instructor will use settings that accord with the learning outcomes--for example, you may allowed or required to attach a file to your posting; you may have to post first before seeing any other posts; or perhaps you will be divided in groups and will only see the postings in your group.  There is a great deal of variety in forum settings. 

If you have any questions regarding using a forum in your course, direct them to your instructor.

Forum Preferences

Settings on the CourseSpaces Forum Preferences page allow you to control forum post notifications. You can access your Account Preferences by clicking the drop-down Menu at the top of any CourseSpaces page. A link to Forum Preferences can be found on this page.


  • Email digest type: You may choose to receive all email from CourseSpaces in one daily message (approximately 5 p.m. PT). There is also the option to receive either the complete message or just the subject titles from forums you subscribe to.
  • Forum auto-subscribe: By selecting this, you are automatically subscribed to any forum to which you post a message. This means that you receive email copies of all messages for these forums. Be sure to also subscribe to that forum: Click on the forum and then in the Administration block to the left, click on Subscribe to this forum.
  • Forum tracking: This highlights unread forum messages so you can quickly see what's new (see below).

Forum tracking

Be sure to click Save changes if you alter any settings!