Access Overall Grades

If your Instructor is entering grades in CourseSpaces, you will see a link titled Grades in the Administration block of your course. From here, you can view your User Report.

Access Grades

Clicking on the titles of an assignment in the User Report will take you to the assignment from which you may be able to receive additional information/feedback. For example, an instructor may have returned to you a document with feedback or suggested revisions. You need to access the actual assignment to receive that feedback file.

If you do not see the Grades link in your course, it means your instructor is not using the gradebook.

Be aware that it is up to the instructor to release grades to students. If you do not see a specific mark for an assignment, it is best to contact your instructor.

Specific Assignment Marks/Feedback

To view grades, comments, and any returned files from the instructor, you can also use this process, if available:

  1. Log into CourseSpaces and select the course in which you wish to view your marks.
  2. Click on the assignment name in the course centre block in which you wish to view grade and any feedback.
  3. If the instructor has released the marks, you can see your grade, feedback, and any file that has been uploaded back to you at the bottom of the page.

If you are expecting a grade and/or comments but do not see anything, contact your instructor.