Tracking Course Progress

Your instructor may decide to use Activity Completion, which is visual progress tracking for students. This helps you see where you are in the course (what resources you have opened or what activties have been completed). You will see this (if enabled) next to your course materials.

Track Progress

How it Works

A tick next an activity name is used to indicate when the activity is complete.

  • If a box with a dotted border is shown, a tick will appear automatically when you have completed the activity according to conditions set by the instructor.
  • If a box with a solid border is shown, you can click it to tick the box when you think you have completed the activity. (Clicking it again removes the tick if you change your mind.) The tick is optional and is simply a way of tracking your progress through the course.
  • Require Grade: When this option is turned on by the instructor, students have to get a grade on the activity in order to complete it (to see a tick); for example, the instructor must assign a grade and release it to you; you must receive a quiz mark above 75% before it is marked complete.

The instructor decides how progress works for each resource/activity and the prerequisites required to show something as completed. Be aware that instructors can also check your individual progress through the course.