Course Announcements Forum

Every course comes with an Announcements forum. This is usually positioned in the top section of the course, unless the instructor moves it. If used,

  • The instructor can post important messages.
  • Those messages are archived in the Announcements forum.
  • All students in the course are "subscribed," which means that you will receive an email of the message.  The email will go to your "preferred" email address, which is set from the main UVic website. Make sure you know what your preferred email is, and how to change it.

If you are not receiving Announcements forum messages, make sure (1) that you have not disabled your email address via your user profile or messaging (both found in Settings block) in CourseSpaces; (2) the email is not going to your spam or junk email folder; (3) you are subscribed to the specific forum; (4) you know what email address the message is being sent to.