The internal messaging tool is ideal for one-to-one communication in CourseSpaces. This tool is conveniently found on all CourseSpaces pages and not restricted to a particular course.

  1. First, configure notification methods for receiving incoming messages. Go to Preferences in the Menu bar above your CourseSpaces page. On the resulting page, click Messaging. Under Personal messages between users, review the default settings and change if desired. Be sure to click Save changes at the bottom.

Menu bar

2. Click on the Menu bar again, and choose Messages.

3. To write a message to your instructor or another student, you can narrow down your search by using the drop-down menu beneath Message navigation.

Message navigation courses

4. Select a user from the list that you wish to send a message to.

Message navigation students

5. Write your message in the text-box and click Send message when finished.

Message to student

6. History of all messages between a particular user and yourself is available by selecting All messages (above)

7. After opening messaging with a particular user, the Message Navigation will offer new options. Use the Plus or X icon beside other user’s names to add or remove them from your Contacts list. Use the other icons to Block particular users or view entire messaging history.